Friday, January 1, 2016

A Little Calculator.

I'm trying out Cinnamon. It seems to be quite a nice environment, but I couldn't find a Calcuator that met my needs. This was the Calculator I found.
For me, it was too large and inflexible. I wanted something where I could type in complex expressions and easily do so while referring to the contents of another window.

My criteria were:
  • Small: So it does not obscure the information I am referring to for the calculation
  • Stay-on-top: So that when I click on a window to type in the result of the calculation, the calculator doesn't disappear
  • Draggable: So if it is in the way it can readily moved to another spot
  • Easy to summon and dismiss
  • Expressions can be typed in directly
  • Support for Hex and Binary
  • Recallable history
I have used a little Calculator on my Windows machine for years that has all of these properties. I couldn't find what I wanted there either, so I knocked together something in Delphi. It has been an extremely useful little thing that has come in handy for many years now (the .exe I still use has a creation date of 2003) . So I've only been using Cinnamon a couple of months now and I'm quite new to using Clutter, but here's what I have managed so far.
It's on GitHub