Sunday, September 13, 2015

One from the past

So this is a thing I thought should exist.

I made this image more than 5 years ago.  I posted it to /r/somebodymakethis 

It seems appropriate to mention this around now.  It appears somebody did.    My motivation wasn't to stake a claim on the idea but to encourage it and hopefully prevent someone else jealously guarding the idea as their own private creation.   Since I made the image, there have been a few active styluses turn up as third party devices.   I doubt they copied my idea.  I think it is more likely that it is a logical advance on touchscreen devices.

I haven't seen a great deal about the Apple Pencil yet,  but I hope they have fully explored the potential beyond just a precise pointing device with pressure.   The ability to use a stylus and a finger on the same surface and to be able to distinguish one from another adds a lot of options for user interface design.  I mention in the image text a few of the possibilities I had imagined.

A program like SculptGL  could make excellent use of fingers and stylus together.  Rotate the model with your fingers and shape it with the stylus. 

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