Sunday, September 6, 2015


So here we are.  I have made a Blog of sorts.  I'm not naturally disposed to maintaining a regular journal, but I am someone who tends to make things and experiment with ideas.  So this will be more for posting my creations and ideas.   This will be predominantly technical and software oriented, but I might just throw in the occasional odd thing.

It is also worth noting that I happen to be a  bit bi-polar, so I have a tendency to produce a bunch of things quickly then go into a down period where nothing happens.   I have a strategy for handling this.   It turns out that, by not creating this blog sooner, I have a substantial body of work that I can fall back on while I wallow in the pits of despair.  

That means I'll be posting new things as I make them, and things from the mists of time that got made and then sat around not doing much.   Perhaps some people will find them interesting.

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